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Building a Homestead May 2016 Recap

Holy smokes, can you believe it’s already June?  Where is the time going?  How many of you think 2016 is going by WAY too fast? Winter is going to be here again before we know it!

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April 2016 – Month In Review
Building a Homestead From Scratch

Well guys April wasn’t quite as productive of a month as we would have liked it to be, however we did get some good days in when the weather allowed.

Here are the highlights of April

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2015 Year In Review – Building A Homestead
Country Sky Acres

Watch this short video of what a wonderful year we had..


I spy seedlings on Day 4!

If you remember, 4 days ago Mason and I started our indoor Burpee Greenhouse Kit.  We planted 18 tomato seeds, and 18 sweet pepper seeds.  If you happened to miss that video you can   view it here.

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Today is March 30, 2016.
Watch this short video of our day!


The beginnings of 2016 review..  Think Spring!

Hi ya’ll!  Winter is FINALLY almost over, as per the calendar.  Here is a review on the beginnings of 2016 living on our land…  well, not so much.  More like a full cup of dreaming with a dose of aggravation!

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