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How To: Eliminate Drafts During Cold Winter Months While Full Time RV Living

Full time RV living  is an experience in itself!  Now attempting to bare the cold winter months is whole nother ball game!  You basically have air-conditioned floors and cold drafts that seem to come from everywhere.  Under the dash has been our main culprit for drafts during cold days or nights. The floor vents are pretty much an open window from the front compartment.   Continue reading

How To: Tackle Frost Build-up if Your RV Freezer Doesn’t Auto Thaw

We are on day 57 of full time RV living and we have noticed severe frost buildup in our freezer.  We have always had frost free freezers so we have never had to worry about defrosting.   After some researching, here is what I found works super fast and is quite easy. Continue reading

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